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RC Laser tx rx upgrade


So you’re in the process of buying an RC Laser from our online shop, thanks for that 👍🏻. 

Whilst the transmitter and receiver that come with the kit are a good basic set which will get you on the water there is a better option. 

For a little extra money we can swap out the basic Flysky set and put in the very popular Flysky FS i6 tx with the FS-iA6B rx. 

This setup gives you full setup options for your boat, the important functions being end point adjustment for the sailwinch and rudder along with the usual servo reversal options as well as many more useful features.  The set also has lots of model memories and is really the only set you’ll ever really need.

Please note that this is an upgrade to anyone purchasing an RC Laser kit. If you want a Flysky set on its own then this is not the way to buy it!

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