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DF95 Deck Patch Set - set of 4

DF95 Deck Patch Set - set of 4


So the DF95 has a great clear plastic hatch to cover the radio compartment however it requires some tape around the edge to seal.  There is some tape supplied with the kit and even a couple of fabric patches, however as usual we reckon there is a better solution.

Whilst the DF65 hatch patches need to be made from reinforced material to withstand any potential contact and bridge a reasonable sized gap the DF95 hatch patch does not have the same requirement so we can utilise simple vinyl technology which allows us to give you more for the same price!

We have developed a vinyl ring patch which gives great contact area around the hatch, it is easy to apply and comes in a range of different colours. We don't recommend reusing the patch however we will supply you with 4 patches so that you'll have good supply and no reason not to change the patch!

For multiple sets please update the number required in the shopping cart.

A5 Sheet size, up to 5 sheets can go as a Royal Mail large letter to UK destinations

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